Jacksonville Hamburger (Moyuk Building), Sapporo

This review is for the new(est) Jacksonville Hamburger Shop in Sapporo. One of three Sapporo Jacksonville hamburger restaurants; part of what we call the “Jacksonville Burger Empire:”

Original “Odori” Jacksonville | Moyuk Jacksonville (which is this location) | ちさい Maruyama Jacksonville (review coming soon)

Here at ICHIBANNOMACHI, one of types of food where our local Sapporo reviews really shine is the category of the best hamburgers in Sapporo.  And for top-shelf hamburgers in this town, we point (once again) Jacksonville.  This time, because they opened a new “modern” shop in the new modern Moyuk building by Tanukikouji.  This makes not one, not two, but three Jacksonville burger restaurants in Sapporo.

The new Moyuk building is the new highrise on the northern side of Tanukikouji at Sapporoekimae Dori (the main street that deadends into Sapporo Station). The new Moyuk building (even if the architecture is typical soulless “metal and glass”) houses the aquarium, has a lot of beautiful stores, and now that it’s open, helps makes Tanukikouji more open and welcoming.

Downstairs on B2 there is a small collection of restaurants, including the new Tanukikouji Jacksonville hamburger restaurant.

We discovered the new Jacksonville by accident.  You can get into the Moyuk building from the street, from Tanukikouji, and from downstairs in Pole Town.  As we wandered from Pole Town into the B2 level, we noticed the new restaurant area had opened up.  There are several places in the food court that look interesting, but Jacksonville was a welcome surprise.

The new location in the Moyuk building is very convenient.  And while I personally like the original Jacksonville on the north side of Odori park better (it’s more old-school, feels like a burger joint in a college town, great vibes in there), I am happy for the owner of Jacksonville. He makes a great product. And it is exciting to see a Sapporo entrepreneur doing well.  I believe he may also be American (and if you’re reading this, I’d like to meet you).

This new Jacksonville on Sapporoekimae Dori has only been open a few weeks.  But I confess, I have already eaten there three times.  It’s only a few minutes away from Odori station, so it’s very convenient. When the snow starts to fall, this will be the only Jacksonville where you can get a burger without stepping into the cold.

On my first visit to the new Jacksonville hamburger shop, I brought a friend.  We had burgers and beers.  And it was a good time.  Afterwards we went off to try ES Craft in Susukino (hated it), and then came back past Jacksonville on our way to Beer Kotan (which was perfect, that’s why it’s on our list of the best beer bars in Sapporo).  It was a great night.

Over the last several years here in Sapporo, I have taken a lot of friends to Jacksonville (I really do love their burgers).  And for anyone that has been with me more than once, they will see I consistently order my favorite Jacksonville hamburger (I may very well talk about my top pick below). But on that first visit to their new shop (just to show I am not completely set in my ways), I ordered a burger I have never had before.

And behold: I give you the Western Bacon Cheeseburger at Jacksonville Moyuk. 

How does a burger qualify to be called “western bacon?”  Well, the bacon is obvious.  But what makes it “western” is that it has some onion rings on it (see that bottom layer in the photos) and barbeque sauce.  It is not in fact, my favorite burger at Jacksonville in the Moyuk building, but it is “a very tasty burger.”  Most definitely.

I am from California. We eat a love of hamburgers in America (and to be honest, I obviously eat a lot of hamburgers in Sapporo too).  Yes, we have “Mc Burgers” in America (not really my thing).  And we have Burger King also (that is a very low-end burger, no thanks).  And rounding out the “big three” truly mass-produced burgers (I do mean that in a bad way) we have Carl’s Junior… which is probably not any better than the other two, but I liked it better.  And they also have a Western Bacon Cheese Burger.  Could it have inspired the one at Jacksonville?  For now; it’s a mystery.

The new Jacksonville is all “cleaned up.” It’s almost un-Sapporo like in that it’s so modern. They have a new, simplified menu – easier to read, easier to understand.  I like the “grubby”-homey quality of his original store, but the new store has nice tables, very comfortable seats.  I don’t need any of that… but I enjoy it when I’m there.

And it looks like the owner (and whoever is doing his marketing) has done some work to tell the “Jacksonville Story” – including the American-Hokkaido connection.  I was interested to know that he tries to source most of his ingredients from Hokkaido.  Which makes sense, but I love this part of Japan.  I want everyone in this region to “win.”  And I like that he is making Hokkaido a part of his own success.

And while the original shop has a strong Oregon feel, this new Jacksonville pushes the “America” element more.

In case you haven’t noticed: We love Sapporo. We know, without a doubt, it’s the best city in the entire world (もちろん). But we love to see “Ole’ Glory” on the wall too.  That flag is so new, you can see the creases in it.  And we look forward to watching that flag age, just where it is, on the wall in the new shop.  Nippon ichi.  And 札幌市は一番の町でしょ. But we still love America too.  Thank you, Jacksonville.

(For another restaurant that loves America in Sapporo, check out the New Orleans style Famous Door in Kita-ku.)

Did I mention I have a favorite hamburger at Jacksonville?  Oh, I did?  I sure do.  I love Jacksonville’s Special Mexican burger.  Sour cream on a hamburger… so good it should be illegal.

We have so many recommendations for hamburgers in Sapporo.  Of course we think you should also try the original Jacksonville by Odori park.  Yes.  And maybe the little Jacksonville hamburger shack in Maruyama, too.  But we can go beyond the Jacksonville Burger Empire too…

We really like Hamburger Shop Tack for a hamburger experience that is also inspired by America (and he makes a Cuban sandwich too, which is equally delicious, and probably more special).  And the Wagu beef hamburgers at Rana Burger in Maruyama are worth a visit.  We recently had a good experience at the tiny, quirky Burger Industry shop in Kita ku (take out only, but a fun place to visit).  Meat Shop in Sapporo has an incredible top-shelf burger (and a more “fine dining” experience).  And if you are like me, and you think even with out a bun, it’s still a “hamburger,” check out Hamburg Steak North Continent (different experience, but highly recommended).

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